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498a ipc by atur chatur

what is a 498a divorce
A 498a divorce means a divorce based on cruelty by wife and 498a if filed on wrong alegations is false.

498a territorial jurisdiction
The jurisdictioon where the couple resided at any point of time or where they married

498a nri cases
Fake 498a FIR filed against a NRI i.e., false 498a against a non resident indian needs to be closed

498a i.p.c
RTI may be used on the basis of false FIR in order to get your proofs recorded on file and making investigation move as per your documentary evidences.

498a validity
Any false allegation in 498a FIR makes it invalid and void ab initio

anticipatory bail 498a format
The format is available in sec 438 crpc

498a visa
Visa of a boy especially the NRI's visa/ passport renewal may be a problem when 498a FIR is ON.

s 498a ipc
this is covered in crpc and this was added to s 498 in year 1983 by then PM Smt. Indira Gandhi

false 498a complaint
this is perjury as per law and need to be cancelled i.e., how to cancel FIR u/s 498a

s.498a jurisdiction
this is important or else the FIR may be quashed or closed/ nullified citing jurisdictional issue

498a case
a wife usually may file a false 498a against husband

498a 506
these may be usually the sections these days against husband in false dowry fir's in delhi

498a transfer petition
this is filed usually by husband in matters where wife lives in separate city

498a dowry act
there is no such named dowry act. 498a simply protects from dowry demand

how to withdraw 498a case
using c report by complainant or affidavit in high court based on compromise with husband

petition against false 498a
instead of petition against false 498a, its better to file a LTR as per the

what is ipc 498a/406
498a fir means dowry demand and 406 ipc means theft or not giving back istridhan of wife

498a tampering of evidences
when the husband or his relatives tamper with evidence especially when they are on bail as this non tampering of evidence is an essential condition/ terms of getting bail in 498a FIR by husband or his relatives

498a and 120b
criminal conspiracy is covered in 120b and if 498a fir is false and there is someone involved in this false case criminal conspiracy then this is called 120b ipc counter case

498a stories
real 498a victim stories or false 498a harassment stories

anticipatory bail without fir in 498a
yes, this can  be obtained when the matter is in caw cell and a notice bail is what a husband or his relatives may get

498a after divorce
least valid after divorce

498a ipc section
inserted in crpc in 1983

when 498a can be filed
must be filed immediately when harassed in the name of dowry and this should not be after thoughts when relationship goes awry

cases of false 498a
there is increased number of false 498a fir's in india as per internet

498a passport impounded and exempt from court
passport is usually impounded of a NRI or his relatives in false 498a or simply in 498a fir's and exempt from court may mean that husband or his relatives not required to appear in court

498a passport
passport renewal may be a trouble for a nri as he needs to travel to india

quash 498a false allegation
quashing u/s 482 crpc is not suggested for false allegations and in order to close or cancel a false FIR, its suggested to file a LTR

498a after 1 years of separation
this may be legally barred if the judge/ mm is non-corrupt

ipc 406 and 498a
these are usually filed together and 406 makes the bail difficult for husband

498a revision
wife may file it once the husband gets acquitted

498a point rd marion ma
false 498a fir shall always be a cause of concern and this is reason for many lawyers earning big bucks

498a judgment
many judgments by justice shiv narayan dhingra helping harassed men even today i.e., after 12 years

498a kanoon
the kanoon is strict and the misuse may be rampant

498a wife life
husband should not worry about the 498a wife life as she is not the same after filing false 498a and she loses sanctity

i p c 498a
was introduced by then PM in 1983 as an amendment to crpc

u/s 498a means
dowry demand by husband or relatives

498a 3 4 dp act
3 & 4 dowry prohibition act are usually invoked in 498a fir's

is 498a applicable after divorce
yes applicable but its very weak after divorce between parties

498a india
this is a source of concern for the nri's marrying indian woman

false cases of 498a
false 498a fir need to be cancelled using LTR given at

498a jurisdiction
where parties stayed together or marriage took place

how to fight a false 498a
by filing LTR as per

498a r/w 34
common intention means 34 ipc
and 34 ipc is usually included in more than 50% of false 498a fir's

498a helpline numbers
nri 498a helpline or aturchatur helpline or
also in delhi one may find

when can 498a be filed
anytime as per whims and fancies of a wife and if 25 years have passed then bribing the police may also be required to lodge a false 498a fir

498a 406 bail
498a does not make problem but 406 ipc makes bail difficult

498a conviction
rate of conviction is high proofing that false 498a are at a high rate in india

498a punishment
upto 3 years

when to file 498a
immediately when dowry is demanded or when dowry harassment begins

498a me saja
teen saal tak, aur kya ?

498a blog
aturchatur's blog/s can be searched on internet for almost every issue related to matrimonial disputes and false 498a's

498a how to tackle
by filing LTR as per

how to win false 498a case
by filing LTR
as per links and details given on website

judgements on false 498a
these judgments are not enough and filing a LTR may be required

498a withdrawal procedure
procedure to withdraw 498a using police is c report by complainant's written consent

498a rules
these rules are strict against husband or his relatives

when to quash 498a
never to file for quash.
file a LTR
and after implementation of LTR, quash u/s 482 crpc may be filed but after ensuring tha the LTR is duly enforced

who can file 498a
wife can file if alive otherwise her relatives if they are alive, else the state/ police may even take sup moto action/ fir and even court have powers

498a after 2 years of separation
this seems ridiculous as after thoughts

wife filed false 498a
then what stops a husband to file counter/ challenges using LTR as per

s.498a of crpc
this is a trouble for nri's as indian wives may use this false 498a fir for legal extortion as per supreme court of india justice

498a case type
this is a FIR type u/s 498a/406/34

where to file 498a case
this needs to be filed at police station directly or using 156(3) with court powers

498a org faq
thee faq's may be listed on or

is 498a cognizable
yes, and the court needs to take cognizance

false 498a case stories
many people have listed false 498a stories on the internet

498a engagement
never get engaged to a 498a prospective bride and if threats have started then such engagement needs to be called off

how to face false 498a case
instead of just facing a false 498a, file a LTR immediately using tips and tricks given at

false 498a judgments
justice dhingra from SC was one of the first to deliver many landmark judgments in false 498a and AK Goyal/ UU Lalit are the latest whose best judgment dt 27/7/2017 was overturned by CJI Dipak Misra on 14 Sep 2018 and this is the irony of false 498a in India especially against NRI husbands as this SAFFMA judgment dt 14 sep 2018 has made again the possibility of red corned notices/ PO's and LOC etc in the hands of police which may be corrupt at several times at an alarming high percentage

u/s 406 498a
filed together usually if 498a is false

498a landmark judgements
justice shiv narayan dhingra was one of the first to deliver landmark judgment in false 498a at a wholesale rate. many judges followed the suit but AK Goyal/UU Lalit gave very solid judgments in 2015, 2016, 2017 etc

alimony 498a
this is a foolish trend as false 498a is preceded and a false 125 crpc is succeeded

is 498a compoundable
only in andhra pradesh and in other states its still non compundable
the SC judgment dt 27/7/2017 gave relief to husband's families and made copmpounding easier but SC judgment dt 14/9/2018 overturned such chances of compounding

false 498a divorce
this is commonly seen in cases of modern women

498a jurisdiction supreme court
where parties resided or married as per supreme court of india

false allegation under 498a
one falkse allegation in 498a fir could be a ground of acquittal or even a ground fo closure of fir i.e., cancellation of fir due to false allegation

498a ipc bailable
yes, its bailable and husband still needs to close a fir by filing LTR

498a related cases
dv and crpc 125 are most common related cases. rcr and divorces comes next and if look at other sections along with 498a i.e., 406, 34, 120b, 420, 506, 509, 511 etc then the list is endless

dv act 498a
dv act is not 498a and dv act was introduced in 2005 whereas 498a dates back to 1983

false section 498a
this could be a reason for quash or cancellation of 498a fir

498a against nri husband
if proved false using LTR given at then nri may get relief vis-a-vis immigration or deportation

498a 406
filed together usually in india against nri husbands

498a nri anticipatory bail
anticipatory bail of a nri may be difficult if proclaimed offender or LOC i.e., look out circular or even a red corner notice against the non resdient indian husband is already issued by police or the court

498a after 10 years of marriage
utter foolishness, aur kya?
where was the wife for so long period of time
and where is the limitations act
a mockery of law and a travesty of justice

498a and 125 cases
filed together and 498a starts from a false caw cell complaint and 125 is filed later on
some girls prefer to file 125 crpc prior to crime against women cell complaint

498a arrest
no arrest as per arnesh kumar judgment dt 2 jul 2014 without a legally valid 41a notice

498a extortion
yes, this is used for legal extortion as per supreme court of india

498a explained
by aturchatur in a very easy manner at and several other websites. search atur chatur's website on internet for details

false witness in 498a
this false witness of the 498a wife needs to be broken and a case of perjury u/s 340 crpc may be filed against him and even better all this be done using a LTR as per

498a abuse
false 498a is a misuse or abuse of the law i.e., abuse of the procedures of the court

suffering from false 498a against nri husband
if the nri is suffering from false 498a FIR then file a LTR immediately as per

498a and 125 crpc
are usually filed together and 125 crpc means a chot on finances of a nri or indian husband

498a chargesheet
chargesheet u/s 498a fir needs to be prepared as per husband's evidences provinf falsity of fir and instead of CS a B Report may be pressed by husband using a LTR

498a fir
if such fir u/s 498a is false then file a LTR to close a false fir under section 498a of indian penal code

is 498a compoundable in andhra pradesh
yes, its is compundable in AP as per Hyderabad High Court since last around 10-15 years

498a order
if the husband is acquitted in the 498a order or if day to day daily order is troubling the husband in false 498a fir or false 498a charge sheet then husabnd must immediately file LTR as per

false 498a cruelty
yes, a false 498a FIR is cruelty against husband and based on this counter cases and even divorce may be filed by husband

how to quash false 498a fir
to quash a false 498a fir is a stupid suggestion given by many l@wyers and therefore as per atur chatur, a false 498a fir must be countered by LTR given at and once the 498a fir becomes weak as per LTR, only then quashing may be applied as per further suggestions of atur chatur

what happens when 498a is filed
when a false 498a is filed then go for cancellation of fir

how to avoid false 498a
by filing counter cases or by filing LTR PFAA or LTR PFFC the false 498a may be avoided or at least weakened and even a B Report may be obtained in case such false fir gets registered.
Get the FIR cancelled by taking right steps

is 498a a criminal case
of course, 498a is a criminal case and not a civil case

498a discharge petition
never suggested as per atur chatur on
instead of that, its better to file a LTR as per

498a conviction rate
very very low conviction rate and it seems that wife files false 498a and then goes on in her life with new bakra's

can 498a be filed after 7 years of marriage
legally, socially, ethically, technically, the answer is no
why wait for 7 years for a well planned after thought attack on a husband and why not file divorce directly instead of false 498a fir which may be easily closed by a husband by filing LTR or following the legal procedure for cancellation of FIR u/s 498a in India even by a NRI husband

498a b report
this may be pressed using a LTR

can 498a be filed before marriage
NO, what is 498a without marriage

498a dhara
gives trouble to indian and no resident indian husbands

498a job loss
many young boys had lost their jobs in false 498a

when was 498a introduced
in 1983, by then PM's efforts, this section 498a was introduced as an amenment to the criminal procedure code

can 498a be filed twice
yes, 'n' number of times on different husbands.
wife is free to file any number of times a false 498a but be ready for poyandry/ biandry and also perjury and counter cases by husband in case the husband comes forward to file LTR against wife

498a fight or compromise
never compromise as per MRA's but as per atur chatur, read for details whether to fight or compromise a false 498a

498a 406 323
323 is latest introduction and in uttar pradesh this section is being widely misused by wives

498a written arguments format
formats given on internet for written arguments are not sufficient as these have many gaps/ loopholes in them and for right format of 498a written arguments, its better to file a LTR WA as per atur chatur's noble guidance given at

498a how long
the false 498a may linger on for 10 years or more

498a dv act
dv act and 498a are often filed together

how to file 498a against husband
by giving money or favors to a police or lawyer, a false 498a may be filed, but atur chatur and are strictly against filing false 498a FIR and also false crime against women cell complaint by women with the help of vexatious complaint writers

498a charge sheet sample
this sample searching is foolishness if you are trapped in a false 498a, then you do not need a 498a chargesheet sample, and what you need is a LTR as per website

498a mediation
mediation u/s 89 CPC may be filed by husband but its better to file a LTR based mediation or to give a LTR based reply to mediation in order to get the matters settled in mediation

child custody in 498a case
this is really painful and if the husband loves the child/ children then immediately file a LTR CHILD CUSTODY as per social stigma

498a bail rejected
if 498a bail is rejected then go to supreme court after high court

498a misuse punishment
as per law, its upto five years, but not seen a single judgment since long time

498a nri summons
summons may be issued to nri husband at his usa address and a 41a crpc notice must be sent to him as per arnesh kumar judgment prior to his arrest and within two weeks of the inception of false 498a against the nri

498a quashing after divorce
yes, after divorce, the 498a may be filed for quashing as per compromise or settlement agreement between varying couple

498a bail conditions
these may be painful, so do not apply for anticipatory bail as per atur chatur and instead file for a LTR Counter as per link

498a and 406 acquittal judgments
there are several acquittal judgments and these sections under IPC are usually filed falsely against accused husband and his relatives

bail u/s 498a
bail u/s 498a may come with conditions so do not file for bail and get yourself bind with court conditions when the false 498a may be closed using a LTR at

498a divorce
498a based divorce when the 498a is false and if the wife can prove 498a then she may get divorce on cruelty grounds too.

when was section 498a introduced
in 1983

498a false
then file LTR

498a victims corner
never get to the false 498a victims corner vis-a-vis looser's groups and instead be in touch with atur chatur or such MRA's who may suggest husband to file counter cases using LTR against the wife.

498a section
means false dowry claims by wife as per many harassed husbands

498a dvc
dvc and 498a are often filed together and 498a is criminal case and domestic violence case is filed for civil reliefs i.e., dv act is a quasi civil and quasi criminal case

498a faq
given at atur chatur dot com i.e.,

498a org.judgements
given at or at several blogs by atur chatur

india 498a divorce
divorce mandi as is so called these days by many harassed husbands both in India and abroad by NRI's as false 498a is filed to get divorce or for legal extortion by disgruntled wives

complaint u/s 498a ipc
can be filed at police station and this complaint may turn into a FIR after enquiry by the PS or IO concerned and usually a CAW Cell complaint may precede a FIR as per law

crpc 188 498a
counter cases against wife needs to be filed and a LTR is the best answer for that

498a quash procedure
the quash procedure is simple but conditions may be laid so never go for quash as per suggestions by atur chatur
why not file a LTR instead and after enforceability of LTR, ask atur chatur about the right time for filing quash

498a+out of court settlement
this in itself proofs legal extortion
498a trial process
trial in 498a may be lengthy and takes a toll on the life of a 498a victim husband as a false 498a fir or charge sheet also takes as long as a genuine one

498a mediation failed
then the husband may be arrested so file a LTR MEDIATION before or during mediation and if the mediation is about to end then also a LTR may be filed to protect the husband from arrest after a failed mediation

498a article
this is not a article under constitution. this is section 498a

498a 377
unnatural sex has been decriminalized if consent is obtained

498a forum
do not go for forums filled with losers as even fake MRA's may not be equipped to guide the strategies and the best suggestions to counter false 498a may be obtained from atur chatur

is 498a bailable
yes, it is bailable these days even though Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1983 wanted to be 498a written as non-bailable

498a how to avoid arrest
by filing a LTR, the arrest may be avoided so ask atur chatur to prepare LTR PFAA i.e., LTR Protection from Arbitrary Arrest which includes false arrest also and SC Judgments needs to be included in these

498a verdict
proofs that false 498a are on an increase in India especially against NRI husbands

who introduced 498a

can 498a case be transferred
yes, it can be transferred and if not then the video conferencing may be allowed as per SC Judgement in 2017 by UU Lalit and AK Goyal

498a after seven years of marriage
is a myth and a grave miscarriage of justice or abuse of law as a well planned and well executed after thought in India especially against NRI husbands

charge sheet 498a
needs to be prepared as per husband or even better, instead of a CS, a B Report may be prepared with the help of a LTR given at

498a what to do
file a counter or a LTR, aur kya?

498a bail
do not apply for bail and bind yourself in conditions when the 498a arrest may not be easy for the police when a LTR PFAA or LTR PFFC or LTR F&UI is filed by a husband

498a helpline or for indian resident husbands
and for non resident indian husbands

498a maximum punishment
upto 3 years as per law

is 498a valid after divorce
yes, perhaps, but not in full force

498a victims
false 498a victims are husbands

498a how to fight
by filing a LTR the 498a may be fought in India by any husband or by a NRI husband without coming to India

how 498a can be quashed
498a can not be quashed easily if LTR may not be filed so better to file a LTR before going for quash and after filing LTR, ask atur chatur the right time to fie a quash. and for LTR details, check website

false 498a success story
many guys may have posted false 498a success stories to attract men victims of false cases in order to earn commission from lawyers by referring such men to them and this may be a wrong practise and needs to be stopped immediately

because NOT going for a counter or LTR may trouble a man/ husband more when a false 498a is registered against him

498a after 3 years of separation
is an after thought so do not file false 498a dear respected disgruntled wives, a genuine appeal from atur chatur to all 498a prospective women

498a case in india
against the NRI are on a increase these days especially in 2019

498a bail procedure
is difficult for some husbands and even conditions may be imposed so do not file for bail if the case is false, file a LTR as per

punishment u/s 498a
is upto 3 years but the harassment may go on for 10 years or more

498a act
if found false is a violation of human rights because as per atur chatur, putting the matter into trial when the matter can be proved false by the documents or proofs of the husband or NRI, is the violation of human rights of a husband or his relatives in a matter concerning false 498a or partially prooven false 498a allegations

498a 7 years after marriage
means a grave injustice as an after thought litigation planned by wife on husband

498a private complaint
may be filed u/s 156(3)  crpc if the polcie is not registering FIR against wife

498a 406 34
are usually the most common trio sections of IPC which are included in a false 498a fir by wife for illegal and unlawful gains

498a quash judgements
are of no use if the LTR is not filed prior to applying for quash, so husbands and NRI husbands and also their relatives, you are suggested by atur chatur to file LTR as per before filing for quash and even after filing LTR, ask atur chatur about the right time to file for quashing in high court udner section 482 of the criminal procedure code

498a case details
may be put on internet by the wife and if such false 498a is proved to be false then the husband must file defamation complaint against the wife

defamation against false 498a
may be filed by husband and such defamation may be filed in the form of a LTR as per atur chatur fpr max relief to the husband in a false 498a matter

i won 498a
may be said by some MRA's falsely on internet just to gain sympathy of other men and also to gain prospective clients for those lawyers who may give them commission to bring husbands and NRI husbands as client to them and such practise by such fake MRA;s strongly condemned by atur chatur
do not go to lawyer
do not file a case using lawyer
you need to file a LTR directly yourself without help of a lawyer or advocate, only then, you may win false 498a and be able to able to say shoutingly that, "i won 498a"

498a wife wants to come back
then the husband must not allow her because she can re-file the 498a and re-open the closed 498a at any point of time

498a fir format
is given at the websites and these proof that these false 498a allegations are a mere copy paste

how to do 498a
when the husband is good, because a false 498a may be countered by a husband using LTR so why not file LTR immediately after CAW/ FIR and/ or even before a CAW/FIR is entered/ lodged by wife respectively

false 498a case judgement
means not just acquittal but wider possibilities for a husband to file counter cases on wife

ipc 498a 506
means a trouble for husbands as these are common IPC sections in false 498a FIR's

498a definition
says that dowry harassment or illegal dowry demands but these are seldom followed and false 498a is filed by wife and husband's answer must be a LTR immediately on getting in touch with atur chatur

3 4-dpa 498a-ipc
3 & 4 of the dowry prohibition act is commonly filed along with false 498a fir

where 498a can be filed
498a can be filed in police station or directy through court u/s 156(3) crpc r/w ipc 498a for directions to concerned SHO register FIR and start investigation

charge sheet summon 498a
charge shjeet is not a sumon in 498a FIR butr once the FIR gets investigated and charges are fixed on accused husband by the police then the summon may be sent to the accused husband to hand him over the CS and to make him appear before the magistrate

when 498a is applicable
498a is applocable when there is demand of daory and/ or dowry harassment

fate of false 498a wife
fate of such 498a wife is poor and she doesn't get a genuine man in life after that as her sanctity is at the stake when she gets fu*ked and files false 498a on ex husband then she is treated as just a se* object only by future / pospective grooms or boys/ men etc

false charge sheet in 498a
false charge sheet must be challenged and even perjury needs to be filed against the police i.e., dirty cops i.e.,

498a of ipc
can be filed against all the relaitives of husband who harassed her and demanded dowry from the wife

when 498a is not applicable
in cases when any of the allegations are false and the husband can proof those false allegations with video proofs or documentary evdiences or eye witnesses then 498a is not applicable or at least those part allegations are NOT allowed under section 498a of indian penal code

alimony after divorce u/s 498a
there is no concept of alimony under 498a especially when divorce is granted either ex-parte or under contested divorce

divorce against false 498a
divorce can be filed by husband as false 498a charges means cruelty against husband

how to win false 498a
in order to win a false 498a, file a LTR immediately on coming in contact with atur chatur by visiting the website

helpline for false 498a
can be available at for the non resident indian husbands and for all states of india

is 498a a ground for divorce
yes, 498a ipc if found to be false is a very good ground for divorce as this 498a i.e., false 498a is a false criminal case hence cruelty against husband by the wife

498a ipc cases
are increasing day by day in india so better get in touch with a consultant such as atur chatur to discuss the false 498a with evidences in hand of the husband or NRI so that suggestions may be poured in

498a crpc
is not there but it is infact a ipc i.e., indian penal code section 498a and not covered under criminal procedure code

crpc contains the procedures and the ipc covers the crime and punishment and this is the basic difference between a crpc and ipc

498a bare act
can be read by husband but that would be a waste of time for husband as this bare act may not include latest judgments so its better to scroll down the websites of atur chatur and file LTR against false 498a

498a wife not attending court
then u/s 350 crpc an application may be submitted to the court for dismissal of the case or for issuing summons to the wife to appear in the case for further proceedings

498a dowry
means a false 498a seeking compensation against dowry demand by husband or his relatives

dowry demand complaint if false is punishable against the complainant

498a fir quash grounds
are listed in bhajan lal judgment but instead of filing quash and getting yourself bind with conditions of the high court, the husband must file a LTR before filing for quash by visiting

what is 498a law
a 498a law is a law enacted viude amendment in 1983 and insertion of 498a to the 498 section of indian penal code

498a movie
was made by few people but it fell badly on ground as very few people watched it and even the tickets were damn lower in charges, this is the fate of men in india

498a 34 ipc
if relatives of husband harassed the wife for common intention then that is called as 498a/34/406 related FIR

can 498a fir be quashed
yes, it can be quashed if before quash application, a LTR as per is filed in a righteous manner

498a 156(3)
if police does not register the FIR then the wife can goto magistrate and ask the court to direct the police to register the FIR u/s 498a against the whole family of husband or against those who harassed her

498a nri
a non resident indian husband is the soft target for a disgruntled wife or disgruntled wife's family from india so a nri must immediately file a LTR as soon as his wife leaves him in USA and comes to India so act and file a LTR before she gets in touch with any unethical lawyer or vexatious complaint writer

498a ground for divorce
yes, false 498a is a ground for divorce for a husband and also for a nri husband so file a LTR in order to proof that this 498a is false instead of writing letters to this that authority.
act in the right manner and file LTR F&UI or LTR PFFC at the earliest

498a/dv/dp act
these three are the common hassment cases filed by a wife to falsely implicate her husband or nri in false and bogus litigation so be well aware and protect yourself by filing LTR as per

anticipatory bail on 498a
this bail must be taken within caw cell itself i.e., after attending just one date in crime against women cell, file for 438 crpc bail and get a notice bail in delhi as these notice bails are very common in delhi region

how to fight false 498a
file LTR if you want to know the best way to fight a false 498a because a legally or technically written LTR as per may be able to save your ass from false cases

false 498a wife
must be countered using LTR only

498a family welfare committee
were abolished by CJI Dipak Misra led team on 14 sep 2018 vide SAFFMA Judgment of Supreme Court

how to quash 498a in high court
do not file for quash and never look for how to quash. read before thinking for quash u/s 482 crpc

and if you really need to file quashing of 498a ipc then file a LTR immediately without wasting a single minute and after that keep in touch with atur chatur to ask the right time of filing quash

details of LTR given at:- website

how to win a false 498a case
file a LTR if you may like to win a false 498a because husband must file a LTR as soon as:-
wife leaves home
wife goes to caw cell
wife files FIR
police files charge sheet
wife files false dv, crpc 125, rcr, divorce etc

anticipatory bail against 498a
this is very easy to obtain and best time to apply for anticipatory bail in 498a is when matter reaches and even starts in crime against women cell in delhi

anticipatory bail procedure 498a
the procedure is simple. you file application u/s 438 crpc and get the bail that's it

498a what is cruelty
498a is cruelty against husband if the 498a is proved to be false

how to tackle false 498a case
to tackle false 498a cases, one must file LTR after discussing entire case and showing rebuttals and evidences to atur chatur sir

how to quash false 498a
as suggested above, read before thinking for quash
and before filing quash, file a LTR as per

remedy against false 498a
remedy against false 498a is be offensive because offense is the best form of defense but offence does not means to hit her.
here offernce means counter attack i.e., filing of LTR in such a manner that police and courts are duty bound to work as per principles laid down under law or as per guidelines of SC

498a new rules
were framed on 27/7/2017 but that judgment vis-a-vis FWC was overturned on 14/9/2018 by CJI Dipak Misra

what is false 498a
when cruelty claims are put in a 498a ipc FIR then that is called a false FIR or false 498a or better a false FIR u/s 498a on Indian Penal Code

498a 406 ipc
are non bailable but filing a LTR may help a husband

what is anticipatory bail 498a
this is a bail applied by the husband u/s 438 of crpc when his wife has filed a false CAW or a false FIR against him

498a 406 506
are most common sections found these days on FIR u/s 498a

who can file 498a case
a wife if alive can file otherwise her alive relatives/ parents/ siblings etc of they are alive too otherwise even the court or the police may take suo moto cognizance as per law

false 498a case punishment
if perjury u/s 340 crpc

u/s 498a/406 ipc
crimes are reported by women to harass their husbands and their relatives so we suggest that in India there should only be genuine cases and false complainants must be severely punished under the law so that it deters other false complainant women misusing 498a ipc FIR

how police write charge sheet for 498a
police writes charge sheet by investigating the complaint i.s., FIR but if the CS is a copy paste of the FIR then the eyebrows raised

498a harassment
happens when wife files a false case and not when there is no cruelty by husband or her relatives so 498a FIR must not be a after thoughts after years of living happily together

498a law in india
is biased as per many MRA's but as per atur chatur, this 498a is not biased because there are laws to punish false accusers or false complainants and fof this to happen, husbands and NRI's need to stand tall with motive to punish the false complainant wife

how to prove false 498a
is a big question but by filing LTR one may get real close to proving a false 498a FIR's falsity and never post letters at your own else you may fall into greater soup.
get suggestions from atur chatur regarding how to file a LTR and how to prove a false 498a/

498a law
is never so biased as is projected by many MRA's in Dehi and across India and around the globe.
The laws are there to protect men too which may be invoked by filing a LTR only so go ahead and file a LTR before its too late.
read for details

498a guidelines
are there in place as per SC but seldom followed so LTR is the only option to ask the police or the courts to follow the 498a guidelines laid down udner the law or 498a guidelines laid down by SC

498a proved false
then the husband must file counter cases but to prove a false 498a FIR, the LTR has to be filed as per the best of our knowledge so be in touch with atur chatur or go through the link:-

regular bail 498a
may be obtained after submission of charge sheet and if CS is false then file for return of CS due to lacuna's

498a ki saza
is maximum 3 years but the harassment udner false 498a goes on for years may be entire life or upto 20 years

child custody 498a
is a difficult and painful experience especially for the NRI husbands so have custody physically in your hands dear husbands and never get feared by corrupt police or unethcial courts as there are laws and arguments and even procedures to obtain custody i.e., full custody by the father.

498a false cases
are rampant as per internet reports but the harassment of husbands is supported by husbands themselves who do not fight and the credit also goes to crying MRA's who instead of suggesting tactics, ask the husbands to cry or join their cry database.

Remember that:-
we do NOT need a men cell in india like or man cell in delhi like
there are human rights available for you and if you study the then you may find that there is no need for any men cell or man cell in Delhi or India

file a LTR immediately
when wife leaves home
or when a false FIR or false CS filed against husband

498a judgement
is there on several places on internet and even bare act of 498a can be read but is that worth
NO, It is not worth to study only books.
You need the practical experience of atur chatur so read his views at and also at

498a 323 3/4
are common sections included in a false 498a FIR these days so that the husband is unable to close the entire FIR even if his LTR proves the 498a and d/p 3&4 as false which my be very easily possible by filing a LTR PFFC or LTR F&UI

498a quash petition format
need not be required once you read the views of atur chatur at
similarly, file a LTR before applying for quash in high court as suggested above in many paras, not being repeated for brevity

how to get regular bail in 498a case
by filing for bail after CS is filed in court by the police after investigation, the regular bail may be gotten by the husband in a false 498a case

498a section 3 and 4
are most common these days and these may be easily broken by husband with the help of a LTR

anticipatory bail 498a
may be obtained u/s 438 crpc

498a 504 506
are common sections where ife tries to prove that the husband is intimidating her and also claims for dowry harassment

fight against false 498a
starts from filing a LTR or a silent LTR

498a ppc
there is nothing called 498a ppc
its actually the 498a ipc i.e., the indian penal code

what is a 498a case
when a relationship becomes awry,
vo ban jaye bechari
and files a false 498a after years of happy married life

498a husband absconding
so better to file a LTR then get trapped in proclaimed offender tag

false 498a case ground for divorce
for men as the husband or NRI may proof that this is cruelty to file a false criminal case against husband

498a nbw
nbw may be issued against a husband if he does not appear in court and non bailable warrants can be easily cancelled by appearing in court u/s 498a case

false 498a victims
speak on regular occasions so instead of speaking about your story in the cry database of several MRA'sd across India, it would be even more better, if you file a counter case or a counter LTR as per

498a wife
is the one who may definitely file another 498a on her next bakra

child custody after 498a
is given to the husband if the 498a is proven to be false because the 498a wife is then proved to be unfit mother as per law and arguments by husband in a LTR way i.e., LTR Arguments

alimony after 498a
may be cancelled by the husband by filing LTR ALIMONY or even before that by indirectly filing a LTR MEDIATION

498a tep format
is poor if that is copy pasted from the internet as there is no standard format but instead of a TEP if the husband files dowry related representations i.e.., LTR TEP vis-a-vis LTR Dowry Related Representations then that would be the best

498a help
may be obtained from nri498ahelpline or

498a quash petition
may be filed after getting help in filing a LTR from team

498a trial duration
i usually three to four years but may be finished within 6 months if a speedy trial application is filed in court

498a us travel advisory
is issued to USA residents due to rampant misuse of 498a and women centric laws
in India against  men, husbands, boys and NRI's

section  498a is being falsely charged agaisnt  many husbands in India

after charge sheet 498a
the husband must file LTR RCSL i.e., Return of Charge Sheet due to lacunas in CS

498a discharge
must not be filed and instead a LTR may be filed because the discharge may be discretionary but acting as per LTR based rules/ guidelines laid down under SC or as per law is mandatory for any judge or magistrate

498a hindu marriage act
498a is not a law or provision under the hindu marriage act
this is a penal provisions against husbands in india and applies to all religions i.e., al husbands within Indian Jurisdiction and abroad who married Indian wives

498a on sister in law
is a utter stupidity and aso a grve misuse of law

498a zero fir
can be registered from any police station citing procedural lapses or threats to the wife

can 498a be filed after quashing
yes, it can be filed again after quashing on new grounds but the fate is expected to be the same as earlier quashed 498a FIR or 498a CS

false 498a punishment

498a point of incident jurisdiction to arrest and bail procedure for nri
is determined when the wife lives with him in USA from day 1 of marriage but rope in all the Indian resident relatives also in false litigation when the relationship goes awry

false 498a to be punished
yes, if the false 498a is not punished by husbands then the wives will keep filing false 498a FIR against hence you need to understand the legal procedure to cancel a FIR u/s 498a

is 498a applicable after 7 years
yes, 498a is fully applicable with full force after 7 years and even after 70 years if the wife is able to prove that her husband confined her like robinson cruso due to which she was unable to report earlier.

she just need to prove that, this 498a FIR by her is not a well planned after thought attack so I wish the 498s girls all the best to try their luck after 7 years of marriage

what is 498a/34 ipc
when jointly husband and his relatives harass a girl/ wife/ dautherinlaw or sister-in-law asking for dowry

dv act and 498a
need not be filed together and if istridhan is demanded or decided in both cases then that is called double jeopardy and therefore to protect yourself from double jeopardy, why not file CPC 10 application under section 10 of the civil procedure code 1908

false 498a case supreme court
if such false 498 fir or charge sheet reaches the supreme court then its the duty of SC to issue deterrent guidelines in order to deter the future false litigant women, especialy those women who file such level of false litigation/ allegations in FIR which can be refuted with documentary evidences and cctv records so its now the duty of SC to curb the misuse but the men need to take action

punishment for false 498a
is perjury i.e., upto 5 years and if found to be including 420 ipc or other related sections of malicious prosecution involoving fraud etc then upto 10 years which means immediate arrest of the lady or 498a lady without even issuing her a 41a crpc notice prescribed under the law

how 498a case proceeds
is a big question when the fir in itself is false so understand the procedure to file LTR in order to punish the women who has filed false 498a FIR by closing the false FIR with a LTR so that B Report is prepared

498a victims forum
is nothing but may be a losers group and if you want to win false 498a then dear husbands, do not goto any losers groups or cry database of men and do not even follow any men groups who ask you to follow them on twitter, whatsapp, fb, ngo etc as this is not going to serve any purpose for you. this following or followers group may help only those loser MRA's or fake MRA's only.

What you need as a husband trapped or NRI trapped in false cases or false FIR is a counter FIR or at least some direct steps to counter or close a FIR u/s 498a so that the husband name comes in column B of the final report of truth prepared by the police and this may be done only by a LTR with sure certainty and details of LTR are given at:-

498a survival guide
may discourage the 498a victim husbands as such survival guides may pretend husbands to be real victims but when a false FIR u/s 498a is filed then actually it is the wife who is going to be the victim as she has filed a false FIR and there is strict punishment for filing false cases as per law but the husband needs to stand strongly for punishing such wife under the law and using the right legal procedures and invoking the correct and relevant supreme court judgments and other procedures and this may be done only by filing a LTR or a silent LTR

498a quash based on jurisdiction
can be done but if the wife is able to prove herself as a real victim then the husband is going to falter so its better to first file a LTR and get it enforced and once t\done that, wait for instructions to be issued by relevant authority or wait for future LTR in a manner that presents the documents in your hands. when done that legally or technically then that would be the right stage to apply for quash with certainty using those documents hence filing LTR is a necessary pre-requisite to gather documentary evidences proving false jurisdiction issues and that may help quashing u/s 482 criminal procedure code, a certain win-win for the husband so take steps to close a false 498a FIR and press for presentation of b report vis-a-vis name removal of accused by the police and when proofs are gathered even before name removal, that would be the right stage when the husband may file a quash petition without coming to India so file a LTR immediately against a wife without coming to INDIA and without using an advocate or giving any POA to any advocate or even to your relatives in India.

Take action immediately by filing LTR before the false FIR takes a toll on your health or career or finances.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family !!!

498a org forum
may misguide the husbands by making them believe that they are on a MRA forum but there certain l@wyer or their commission agents may try to PM the victims and pose themselves as ex-victims who won with te help of such and susch lawyer and thereby earn commissions or clients vis-a-vis such 498a forums and this practise is strongly condemned by atur chatur as the atur chatur's work is really condemnable in guiding the husbands fight their cases party in person without the help of any lawyer or advocate and also for NRI i.e., Non Resident Indian husbands in fighting and closing a false FIR without coming to India and without any advocate or POA etc hence using LTR a husband or a NRI husband may try to close the false FIR under section 498a by following the legal procedure to close a false FIR vis-a-vis B Report by the police or getting the FIR quashed by a NRI after following upto few LTR's in the right direction.

498a burden of proof
lies on the husband but the courts or police may try their best to not listen to the husband unless the charges are framed and that exactly is the violation of human rights of a husband or a NRI husband so if the LTR is filed, then the husband may be able to close the false FIR by putting on record his proofs and asking the police to investigate in that direction as per the SC guidelines and this needs to be done using a LTR in right direction

498a and 498 b
there is only 498a and when 498b may be introduced then that may include punishment for such women who had filed 498a false FIR against their husband and in-laws so waiting anxiously for the 498b to be written as an amendment in the 2019 or 20-20

498a police case
is a criminal case which needs to be closed with the help of a LTR

498a after 3 years
is super valid if the wife was confined else that is a misuse of laws and husband needs to close the false FIR as an after thought or void / ambiguity related arguments in the LTR

498a after section 9
Of course a wife has several rights so do not try to increase the litigation and rather close the FIR once filed and if before FIR u/s 498a and even before the wife goes to CAW Cell, the husband wants to do something, then that would be to file a LTR PFAA and LTR PFFC and LTR F&UI
But these LTR need not be filed separately. Rather a single LTR be prepare by the husband which includes all the above three LTR's at the fees of just one LTR and if that is done in right direction then the husband may be able to not just protect himself from arrest or avoid the arrest of his relatives but also make the false FIR u/s 498a fall falt on ground using a LTR F&UI as that would make or press the police to prepare a FRT instead of a CS which is going to demotivate the wife in filing further false cases.

STOP THE WIFE using a LTR instead of allowing her to ruin your life, career, mental health or finances or taking child from you.

Get your child back even if the wife has illegally separated the child from her natural habitat i.e., from the natural custody of the father as father is a natural biological guardian of the child and even as per ManuSmriti written thousands of years back as per ancient hindu laws, the father is the natural guardian and has more rights on the child than the wife and that of the reason that the husband is said to be a seed and the wife is said to be the soil.

And for this same reason, when Moon Dev took the wife of Guru Dev and got her pregnanted (when he went to meet the latter and found his beautiful wife alone) then, on the return when the Guru Dev took his wife back then upon delivery he returned the child to the Moon Dev citing the same reason that Father is the Seed and the Tree or the Plant belongs to the Seed and NOT to the soil

Hence, Child Custody needs to be fought rigorously rather can getting deterred from women centric laws as there are right arguments and right judgments for the father to get custody of his child or children who have been illegally kidnapped by his wife so dear husbands file a LTR CHILD CUSTODY before its too late but before you file a LTR CHILD CUSTODY, it's necessary that the husband may file a LTR as suggested above to break a false 498a FIR by wife so that the police moves or is pressed towards closing a false FIR

498a explanation
is found in the website meant for false 498a victims as guides them about the pros and cons of using a lawyer for their fight against false cases so read the 498a explanation carefully before you being able to file for closure of a FIR by way of police closure report in Delhi or elsewhere in India

false 498a ground for divorce
for husbands only as the false 498a means cruelty and many upper courts including SC have given divorce related judgments for the men so go ahead and cheeers boys

498a time limit
is not specified under the act but the after thoughts provisions are included in the criminal procedure code so the husband needs to file after thoughts counters as per crpc in a manner that may help or force the police legally or technically to close a false FIR u/s 498a

rti for false 498a
may be filed and these 15 to 20 right to information applications if filed in conjuncture or one after another in a manner to ZERO-IN on the false complainant then YES these type of RTI's may be used to close a false 498a FIR

498a quash
may not be sought without going into the pros and cons of a quashing petition u/s 482 criminal procedure code but the real tactics need to be in closing a false FIR u/s 498a and not with loading/ binding yourself with unnecessary court conditions such as travel restrictions, passport/ LOC issues and so on.

so, its better that the husband may file a LTR before going in for quashing so that the success of 498a FIR's quash becomes near to sure shot success and this needs to be done technically using SC Judgments

i p c 498a conviction
may be low but that does not mean the crime is not there. it may be there but on the same time, not reporting a crime by an educated lady for decades attracts the provisions of limitations act

is not there yet but its only 498a section for dowry crimes

false 498a cases
are increasing day by day and these are crimes when someone accuses you falsely and therefore such false 498a FIR won't reduce in numbers until and unless perjury, malicious prosecution or other counter tactics are employed successfully by husbands against their beloved 498a wifey's

anticipatory bail in 498a
is diffciult or almost impossible in some of the states of India and the husband accused in 498a is left with no option than to go till supreme court just for a petty bail in a false crime u/s 498a and this is the real irony of men in India and this needs to be changed with a LTR

false 498a
case must be closed by following the legal procedure for cancellation of a FIR

can 498a be filed after divorce
yes., it can be filed after divorce also but this may not have any merits so its better to go for the divorce legal language written in such a manner that it leaves no scope for future 498a vis-a-vis future false 498a by disgruntled ex-wife

498a quash compromise
must be reached in the form of a LTR based technical document so that late on newer charges are not put on the accused who have entered into agreement vis-a-vis MOU i.e., Memorandum of Understanding for compromise or settlement betwen the parties

how to prove false 498a case
when the husband has enough documents and proofs but the police and even the court is not putting these documents or records or investigating from that angle.

In such a scenario, file a LTR with the help of atur chatur.
details at:-

quashing false 498a
is not such a difficult task as it may sound so begin the quash with a LTR i.e., at least three months before filing a quash petition, a LTR may be filed as per atur chatur's website:-

punishment of false 498a
under perjury or malicious prosecution is upto 5 years max and if 420 ipc or related fraud or forgery sections are involved then the punishment may range from upto 10 years and such wife may even be arrested without mandatory following provisions of section 41a under criminal procedure code

498a steps
are simple. the wife goes to CAW with her hips waving a files a complaint i.e., a false complaint and then in caw she pressurizes to close the false CAW complaint and then move the complaint to FIR and this is how a false 498a FIR is filed stepwise in India

498a foreign citizen
the foreign citizenship holder Indians are wit at the worst scenario as they are targeted for extrotion vis-a-vis legal extortion by such Indian wife who has married the foreigner PIO just for gaing foreign citizenship and thereby and thereafter to settle in USA/ UK etc with her real boyfriend.

This is a real shame for extornists ruining the name of India in the world arena.

false 498a cases in india

498a asylum

498a nri passport

can 498a be withdrawn

u/s 498a ipc

can 498a be filed after divorce decree

498a of ipc cruelty means

498a supreme court

498a 323 506 ipc


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