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"Why LOC is issued?" says ATUR CHATUR

Why LOC is issued?

This is a tricky question as the reasons are generally available with the Investigating officer or with the Nodal Agency who has issued such Look Out Circular.
But these could be the most common reasons. viz.,
1.       Not to allow a criminal to leave country.
2.       Not allow a criminal to enter country.
3.       Tracing of absconders or criminals.
4.       Search operation against a wanted accused.

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How to cancel Look Out Circular? as per atur chatur

How to cancel Look Out Circular?

Look Out Circular is issued to look out of a person at major airports and shipping ports and this is the wanted person wanted by any state or any government or any country. Different countries issue different named LOC notices to trace the certain people from travelling. As per atur chatur, one may contact the best authority regarding How to cancel Look Out Circular?

1.       Look out circular has implications before getting cancelled.
2.       How the LOC issued suggests its removal methods
3.       Which authority issued it for which all cases and sections of IPC and the crimes.
4.       An India Native who is also a NRI Non resident Indian may get it cancelled using certified copies.
5.       LOC has no legal definition
6.       Next Step is to issue worldwide notice.
7.       Different types of letters are issued to check whether he is a wanted criminal
8.       Wanted criminals of different countries get LOC issued against them with different nomenclatures.
9.       Immigration checks at international borders are done.
10.   Sea Ports and Air Ports are the prime targets to catch or nab a wanted criminal
11.   Used to catch them while going out of country or coming to country
12.   In India, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued dated 27th October, 2010
13.   Indian LOC has name of criminal who is wanted, his father’s name, date of birth, passport number etc so law enforcement agencies can catch such running or absconding criminals from crossing borders of India
14.   From 1979 onwards, this practices of issuing LOC is in India vide Ministry of Home Affairs’ Circular No. 15022/13/78-F.1 dated 5th September, 1979.
15.   This look out circular also restricts travel of foreigners and not just Indians.
16.   LOC means to catch or trace the wanted criminal and hand over to the right authority.

17.   Normally LOC is issued for one year and every year it needs to be renewed by Investigative Agency and the Nodal Agency keeps informing the IO that a LOC is expiring and needing renew.


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