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NRI Divorce (by Atur Chatur)

NRI Divorce (by Atur Chatur)

Whenever a NRI husband's India wife leaves USA or his country of residence abroad, then the NRI i.e., Non Resident Indian Husband starts looking for nri divorce lawyers in india and when they check in reality the data about the nri divorced brides and nri divorce matrimony w.r.t the shockingly high number of nri divorce cases india then they find that the divorce procedures in India are really difficult for men so they try to be in touch with an attorney in USA who would sail them down through the nri divorce procedure in usa.

There are several nri divorce stories on the internet especially about the nri divorced grooms who were legally extortioned and they had no other option but to settle these false cases due to loss of opportunity they had to face arising out of nri divorce alimony because as per the statistics for nri divorce in usa as compared to the nri divorce india it can be seen that the worst battle between a varying NRI couple starts when the nri divorce and child custody leads to litigation in USA and India relating to divorce between nri and indian starting from false 498a being filed by the Indian wife in India with the help of unethical and vexatious complaint writers.

While reading one day about the the nri divorce dubai wherein a nri sikh ramgarhia divorced brides were widely advertised on a web portal, it was known that majority of nri filing divorce in india are girls/ wives of NRI husbands who have no intention to return to USA/ abroad with their NRI husbands and they increase tge data for divorce for nri especially the divorce for nri in usa and they often search a query i.e., divorce from nri husband or nri divorce groom and also nri divorce girl in order to find out how to divorce nri husband because in UK it is costly to get a divorce so in India they file for divorce proceedings rather than going for nri divorce in uk, usa etc as the nri divorce procedure in india is simplified and favoring the women/ wives and the nri divorce lawyers are also economical in India for the girls and on one girl/ wife of a NRI requested for nri divorce lawyers mumbai as she wanted the nri divorce in india and she got the divorce is smallest time period ex-parte without issuing summons/ notices to her NRI husband.

Hence, the divorce of nri in india is a complicated term for Indian men or NRI husbands but when you look at the nri divorce rate w.r.t the divorce with nri then you find that, the nri 498a judgments make it diffict to get the nri 498a bail as it is seen that in 2018 in the nri 498a cases the then MEA Sushma Swaraj srated impounding passports of NRI husbands who abandoned their wives without the minister going in to see if it is the wife who abandoned her NRI husband or it is she who is the real culprit because she married the NRI just for getting in to the USA/ UK etc with her Indian boyfriend.

Such legal extortion and illegal practices need also to be checked by  the minster of extarnal affiars i.e., Ms. Sushma Swaraj before working on Misandry Principles and impounding the 498a nri passport as it makes difficult for the non resident indian husbands to get the 498a nri anticipatory bail by issuing the 498a nri summons to the nri and 498a as the FIR makes life of non residnet indian difficult as this false first information report i.e., 498a against nri husband helps the NRI to learn the 498a for nri and also 498a ipc nri procedures in these false 498a case against nri without getting them trapped or troubled with red corner notice or look out circular or the proclaimed offender 498a nri as these FIR u/s 498a on nri is already a bog jolt on the career of a non redient indian husband.

There are several men's helpline india type organisations who may have mentioned their men's helpline number on the internet but do they really have the expertise because while coming across one men's helpline delhi who woud claim to be efficient than the men's helpline australia and their men's helpline number delhi were claiming to be helping the men's helpline for domestic abuse vis-a-vis their men's helpline phone number and they claimed to have been associated with the men's helpline bangalore or men's helpline perth but we find that these type of loser's organisations may never be able to help the men as they just would like you to follow them on twitter whatrsapp facebook etc and NRI husbands are NOT the followers. The NRI Husbands are the leaders who have themselves carved out a niche for them in USA/ UK etc and they are NOT required to follow such unethical guys in India who may just guide them to follow their database so that they can be political leaders of tomorrow but we feel that instead of following these, if the NRI men follow the advises of real man helpers like and also then that would infact be construed as a true men's advice helpline because whenever a man suffers domestic violence then he must contact the right men's helpline for domestic abuse in india like there you may find a men's domestic violence helpline australia or men's helpline brisbane because of the simple reason that these battered men's helpline are helping men fight litigations and not the men's clinic helpline or calm men's helpline or the men's depression helpline as this is not a psychological service

Therefore, the men's domestic helpline w.r.t the mens dv helpline is in the form of a men's helpline uk but not in form of men's mental health uk helpline and these men's legal helpline may also be found in men's helpline melbourne or in central australia i.e., men's domestic violence helpline perth so do you really need such helpline for you in terms of a men's rights helpline hence you need to respect men's helpline vis-a-vis men's helpline sydney or men's helpline victoria because they may help come out successfully from false cases and that is the need of the hour for a men's domestic violence helpline or a men's domestic violence helpline india and several 498a helpline numbers may be available for all cities of India and they help you from one centralized location in India i.e., Delhi like the may help you for all your men's helpline needs in false 498a directly from Delhi be it a 498a helpline hyderabad or a 498a helpline bangalore on in general for a legal or technical 498a misuse helpline helping boys in divorce 498a case filed by their wives.

There may be helpline for non resident indians say the 498a divorce alimony and they may even guide the NRI husbands in preparing or assisting with their 498a divorce petition when they may be urgently looking for quick divorce after 498a or divorce after 498a acquittal and if the conviction is false then they may also apply for the divorce after 498a conviction i.e., the divorce after 498a case because some men helpline may feel that the divorce before 498a is a bad idea but this is not a bad idea as per atur chatur who feels that even before 498a and also divorce under 498a can be filed because the divorce and 498a are based on cruelty so filing divorce after 498a may be super advisable but if you study the divorce case and 498a then you may feel that the mutual divorce and 498a are often correlated and the divorce after false 498a in generally filed if you read the divorce in 498a case w,r,t the 498a ipc divorce because understanding these concepts in your oan language like say 498a ipc divorce in hindi may help you understand that the 498a divorce law and 498a no divorce may make two decisions before a 498a wife i.e., 498a or divorce in the matters pertianing to nri disputes especially related to the nri property dispute india because whenever non resident indian' husband's wife return to India then this nri marital disputes turn into an ugly nri matrimonial disputes and in order to gain benefit from their fight some unethical lawyer/ advocate may jump into it to derive illegal benefits from nri marriage disputes because these nri punjab property disputes may often force you to look for what a nri stands for i.e., non resident indian and also what exactly is a fir against nri and what happens after a fir against nri husband is filed especially when he is a nri for canada and wife may be looking or asking advocates for how can nri file fir in india as the NRI Wife of a NRI husband may look for rules i.e., nri for india and if the passport is not revoked and instead the 498a passport impounded and exempt from court is studied then the 498a passport seizure may become crucial to be known as the 498a passport renewal are the two sides of the same coin and in terms of 498a passport impounded or 498a passport surrender it is important to understand the key terminologies viz., passport renewal during 498a because if the passport is not renewed then the NRI is probably living illegally in USA/ UK etc and they may be deported to India not due to false 498a but due to illegal immigrant status of theirs hence passport and 498a two different things and the NRI facing 498a trial must take steps for 498a case passport renewal and therefore the 498a for passport may result in issues such as passport impounded 498a and when the 498a nri passport is under jeopardy then the passport renewal with 498a pending may be painful.

Issued in public interest by ATUR CHATUR

Domestic Violence Against Men (by Atur Chatur)

domestic violence against men is on the rise in India so domestic violence hotline is availabe for not just the women but also for men as per the domestic violence definition as the false dv act cases are rampant these days and therefore the domestic violence statistics prove the misuse of this biased act hence domestic violence awareness especially the domestic violence awareness month needs to be arranged not just for girls but also for the boys in the form of domestic violence classes and they may understand these domestic violence charges may be applied also on women based domestic violence facts as per the domestic violence meaning and therefore when you look for domestic violence attorney that the domestic violence act is being abused by disgruntled wives or women against the child custody u/s 22 of the dv act then these domestic violence and children may be based on the domestic violence assessment and the protection officer vis-à-vis domestic violence action center who prepares the DIR i.e., the domestic incident report suggests the basics of a domestic violence case which needs to be based on true a domestic violence story and not reported falsely to a domestic violence protection order because a domestic violence definition must be based on a domestic violence law as there in India as a domestic violence misdemeanor may prove falsity under the domestic violence act and also as per the domestic violence act 2005 so that the domestic violence bail is granted without bias and the valid reasons or proving of domestic violence must be there to grant any reliefs as the domestic violence by state in any country and the bruises on the body of the female partner requires her to goto domestic violence shelter and in there is any misdemeanor of domestic violence as it is a felony domestic violence then such domestic violence cases checklist by the mahila court hay help but the CAW Cell Complaint Copy RTI is mostly asked by the men as per Delhi High Court Judgments so the chatur sir is available for help to boys in MEN CELL BAREILLY so it is best for the boys victim of false cases in Bihar to contact MEN CELL BIHAR and if they live in other locations of India then there may be other helplines or hotline emails helping boys/ men in all major cities so they must contact each of these ike MEN CELL VASAI VIRAR, MEN CELL JABALPUR or MEN CELL NAVI MUMBAI and in the UP i.e., near Nepal Border there are also MEN CELL GORAKHPUR and in the centre near Prayagraj (old name Allahabad) there also existed MEN CELL VARANASI and even in South India’s MEN CELL BANGALORE or MEN CELL MADURAI one may contact the helpline for getting direct benefit in favor of accused in a false dv act case by their wives in India especially by the NRI’s wives as the NRI or the Non Resident Indian husbands are the worst hit by this false 498a and dv act complaints by their disgruntled wives for legal extortion.

So, the MEN CELL FARIDABAD in Haryana and in West Bengal counterparts of men helplines like MEN CELL HUBLI AND DHARWAD and MEN CELL KALYAN AND DOMBIVALI are there to help people especially men of All Over India who are suffering from false cases or who may be suffering from false case vindication, threatening or intimidation hence unless and until there are Haryana type helplines as there is MEN CELL GURGAON there is need for MEN CELL JAMMU AND KASHMIR and also MEN CELL KOLKATA for West Bengal hence the MEN CELL PUNE and also the MEN CELL ORISSA are some options available for the boys in all parts of India and abroad as these helpline for boys are also the helpnines for non resident Indian husbands who are suffering from false domestic violence claims by their wives therefore the MEN CELL HYDERABAD and the infamous MEN CELL DELHI help in the Delhi i.e., National Capital and also in Cyber City in Andhra Pradesh near the Hyderabad High Court therefore the MEN CELL COIMBATORE may also be approached by people for help especially in matters of harassment of men in the name of soft laws made to protect the real women victims of dowry etc.

Therefore, we feel that, domestic violence deaths number is on the fall out these days from many years and some day of the year may be marked as the domestic violence day even though the domestic violence divorce are on the rise and even a domestic violence documentary is being made to show the domestic violence deaths 2017 and donations may be received as class d felony charges get attracted towards the domestic violence so these shelter homes as directed by the protection officers for the protection of women as per the dv order may prompt you to write an domestic violence essay knowing the domestic violence effects through several different domestic violence examples like financial, economic, social, moral etc and these also have some domestic violence effects on children and there is rampant domestic violence emotional abuse and if you properly conduct the domestic violence evaluation and also domestic violence education as these false domestic violence events based on the domestic violence ebook written specifically for men may tell you the aftermaths of domestic violence felony as men are also the sufferers of domestic violence for men based on the domestic violence financial abuse and therefore instead of joining the fake and loser groups of domestic violence groups it is suggested to check the domestic violence gender statistics which may proof domestic violence hotline number i.e., the domestic violence helpline for men in India based on the domestic violence history and if there is any domestic violence intervention then even the laws of domestic violence in the united states may be helpful for women and these biased gender laws needs amendment so that the true domestic violence information is presented also based on domestic violence in America and not just in india and therefore the cases are on a rise in relation to domestic violence in California and also as per stats for domestic violence in india and if one asks as to what is domestic violence especially if the girls or the boys says that, i'm a domestic violence survivor or of a wife later on says in court that i dropped domestic violence charges or complains while in a dv relationship that i'm in a domestic violence relationship then you need to study the effect of domestic violence on jobs and also study the domestic violence jail time based on domestic violence journal articles which also include the dv judgments so that the domestic violence jury trial also makes you feel like studying the indepths of j&k domestic violence act 2010

Similar to the above dv charges by women/ wives, there may be chances that some men groups on online men helplines like NRI MEN CELL 9873540498 may be helping the non resident Indians and similar to these in the North East India and South India there may be MEN CELL GARHWAL or the MEN CELL TAMIL NADU and also MEN CELL NASHIK so that the groups helping in Chennai like MEN CELL CHENNAI and West Bengal based helplines like MEN CELL MIRA AND BHAYANDER and Rajasthan’s MEN CELL KOTA or Uttar Pradesh’s MEN CELL LUCKNOW and also Island helpers like MEN CELL GOA or the ones in North East India like MEN CELL ARUNACHAL PRADESH or Bihar based MEN CELL DHANBAD helpline help men from all walks of India so that the Uttarakhand based near Dehradoon type men helpline groups such as MEN CELL UTTARAKHAND or the ones like MEN CELL GUNTUR and MEN CELL RAJKOT or the Maharashtra based helplines for boys/ men like MEN CELL NAGPUR and also in the North East based MEN CELL GUWAHATI so that the All India helplines help men/ boys from All Over India especially the Maharashtra based MEN CELL MUMBAI and UP’s MEN CELL ALLAHABAD or in Madhya Pradesh’s newly formed MEN CELL GWALIOR and also MEN CELL SALEM in West Bengal like also a nearby helpline in MEN CELL HOWRAH as the South India based Men Helpline for the NRI husbands like in Kochi or Ernakulum like near MEN CELL KERALA which is very very far from MEN CELL THANE but not too very far as compared to the MEN CELL TELANGANA based men helpline groups in South India so that people from all walks of society get benefit from men rights groups vis-à-vis men rights activists such as MEN CELL AMRITSAR near Pakistan Border or the MEN CELL MEGHALAYA i.e., the land of the rains which also needs an urgent helpline for the men and like Mumbai there is a broad helpline for all Maharashtrians like MEN CELL MAHARASHTRA so that the Rajashthan and Chattisgarh based MEN CELL JODHPUR and also MEN CELL CHHATISGARH so similar to these in the Himalayas there is a MEN CELL HIMACHAL PRADESH and in the Uttar Pradesh there is a MEN CELL AGRA like the one near Pakistan Border for Indian men like MEN CELL RAJASTHAN therefore men from all over India need help from men rights activists fof the benefit of all men in India.

There are several helpline working in other parts of India also so that the men are not harassed and they are guided about the strategies to counter false cases by women in a way that helps them in getting the right help from the groups for men like MEN CELL MYSORE and also near Rajkot like the MEN CELL SAHARANPUR or the infamous and widely functioning and active MEN CELL ANDHRA PRADESH as there is one in Madhya Pradesh like MEN CELL BHOPAL and the one men helpline in Rajasthan i.e., MEN CELL JAIPUR so that the MEN CELL WEST BENGAL type Bangla Men Helplines also help it’s bangle men like in the paradise of India i.e., the MEN CELL KASHMIR or Uttar Pradesh’s based MEN CELL MORADABAD as in Haryana there may be claimed to send the wife behind the bars like झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजो !!! [Haryana] so that these Haryanvi men understand the real logic behind MEN CELL KANPUR and also MEN CELL AURANGABAD like the one men helpline working in Gujarat i.e., MEN CELL GUJARAT so that the MEN CELL MANIPUR or the MEN CELL SURAT in Rajasthan or the MEN CELL BHIWANDI as these help widely the people of Rajasthan and the Rajputs so that the North-East’s Sikkim based men helpline i.e., MEN CELL SIKKIM help men from false cases by their wives in such a way that the MEN CELL RANCHI and the MEN CELL ASSAM and also Darjeeling or Shilong based MEN CELL MIZORAM help North East man like the Vadodara based man helpline helping through it’s Gujarat unit of MEN CELL VADODARA and even near the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh there is a helpline for men/ boys such as MEN CELL CHANDIGARH like in Gujarat near Narendra Modi’s Gujarat there works a MEN CELL AHMEDABAD as such helplines for men may also be spread near Telangana or Krishna Districts like MEN CELL VIJAYAWADA or MEN CELL INDORE and even near Ranchi i.e., near Bihar there is a famous man helpline for boys/ husbands i.e., MEN CELL JHARKHAND like the one in MEN CELL KARNATAKA and Orissa based MEN CELL ODISHA which works the same way for helping men like the Uttarakhand based MEN CELL DEHRADUN and the Bhopal Based MEN CELL MADHYA PRADESH or Uttar Pradesh’s MEN CELL ALIGARH and in Punjab there is a helpline for men like in MEN CELL JALANDHAR who may be helping boys/ men or husbands of Nagaland or the North East near MEN CELL NAGALAND in terms equally to the UP’s own MEN CELL VISAKHAPATNAM as the borders of India near the MEN CELL PUNJAB require similar helplines such as MEN CELL UTTAR PRADESH for man/ boys/ husbands/ men etc as in Punajb’s own helpline for men is helping Punjabi men like there is MEN CELL LUDHIANA or UP’s MEN CELL MEERUT so that the Kashmir’s Capital based MEN CELL SRINAGAR helps like Bihar’s Capital based MEN CELL PATNA like the Rajasthan’s near capital based men helpline like MEN CELL BIKANER so that the residents of Tripura may get a MEN CELL TRIPURA to protect the men from domestic violence by their wives and even false cases are an abuse of the procedures of the court in such a way which prompts the men rights groups to form a MEN CELL RAIPUR or a Bhubaneshwar based MEN CELL BHUBANESWAR like in  Maharashtra shoes factory of shoes/ chappals hub there is a men rights for helping men such as MEN CELL SOLAPUR as near Delhi in Haryana there is a men helpline like MEN CELL GURUGRAM or in South India there is a MEN CELL TIRUCHIRAPPALLI like near Delhi Border in the Uttar Pradesh there is a MEN CELL GHAZIABAD such as the men helpline in MEN CELL THIRUVANANTHAPURAM

Now, the men needing help in samples of Quash Petitions for FIR u/s 498a IPC when they need a dowry law helpline for NRI they may contact the QuashpetitionFIRforNRI so that there need/ requirement of information related to Passport Seizure Issues of a NRI and also revoking of NRI passport and passport renewal for a Non Resident Indian when he needs the travelling to India and LOC i.e., Look Out Circular related information in a manner that may help them understand the real procedure and help for PassportseizureandrenewalforNRI related judgments which may help them know and find/ research the false 498a best lawyers for Non Resident Indian husbands like the one for helping NRI’s in Divorce Cases in Delhi available at falseNRI498AbestlawyerDelhi and these men helpline for Non Resident Indians may start looking for Proclaimed Offenders.

Hence, in the matters of false domestic violence charges against a NRI husband the first and foremost is ProclaimationOrderAgainstNRI husband so that the those NRI’s who are fighting divorce without coming to India may reach the right helpline for NRI boys/ NRI husbands i.e., झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजो !!! which may help them fight and contest a false 498a IPC related FIR and fight and get a divorce based on Cruelty in India based on the latest judgments hence getting help in matrimonial matters may require you to contact the below email viz.,

(Men Helpline for NRI and Indian Husbands in India and abroad)


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