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NRI QUASH by Atur Chatur

NRI QUASH by Atur Chatur
NRI husbands and their families may be quick to file for Quashing petition but that may be a wrong decision as per many Non Resident Indians and their families because even if they may have ample proofs to prove the falsity of the false 498a registered against them by their wives or daughter-in-law/ sister-in-law etc but still High Court is the authority where quashing is filed at first instance and in the High Court, THE CASES ARE FOUGHT ON LAW POINTS AND NOT ON MERIT so understanding the procedure for NRI QUASH may help the Non Resident Indians bound by the conditions

These conditions imposed by the High Court (while applying for bail) may vary from submitting the passport to travel restrictions or coming to India regularly every month from USA or from different state of India and reporting in the concerned PS &/or not to change their location of residence in India or abroad hence while reading the ATUR CHATUR INFO on blogs written by atur chatur, it can be seen that if you need settlement of the NRI matrimonial disputes even if those are false 498a, false DV, false maintenance, false Divorce, false RCR type cases or even false Custody petitions, then you need to contact the best NRI SETTLEMENT EXPERT IN MATRIMONIAL DISPUTES because he may be the right person to guide you how to get the matters settled in least number of court visits or how to settle the matter within mediation by just applying the right tactics r/w section 89 of the Civil Procedure Code, because if the provisions are used rightly then the matter may be solved within the mediation technically because if the wife was really not interested to solve the matrimonial dispute then why she agreed for mediation u/s 89 CPC.

The husband needs to invoke the HUMAN RIGHTS OF NRI because only then the matter may get resolved within mediation as the wife needs to be presented the conditions for settlement within a written mediation request and if the wife accepts the mediation request then she may be bound by those conditions which were presented within the mediation request by the husband ON-RECORD and based on that the wife may be made to settle the matter u/s 89 CPC based on those conditions and if the wife is NOT ready to accept those conditions then these conditions may be revised by the husband in a technical manner, hence, the NRI husband needs to also invoke his human rights so that there is no human rights violation.

Further, there are some MEN RIGHTS FOR NRI working in India and these may help suggest the Non Resident Indian husband from the globe to enter mediation u/s 89 CPC tactics so that the quash is successful thereafter.

And last but not the least, the wife or her false case may even be charged with LEGO TECHNICAL FALLACY in case the false cases are filed using some misrepresented or false or maiden name of the wife whereas she has a different name on her aadhar card or passport etc after her marriage which is customary to change the name of wives almost everywhere in the world.

Hence, RTI ON COURT may be filed to know the technicality based aspects so that a husband is NOT made to suffer for years due to these false cases. Thanks

NRI 498A HELPLINE by Atur Chatur

NRI 498A HELPLINE by Atur Chatur
I was desperately looking for any helpline for men victims of false 498a FIR by their wives in India as the Non Resident Indian Husbands are often considered to be the soft targets of legal extortion by disgruntled wives in India and therefore I came across NRI 498A HELPLINE from India

And this helpline was promoted by the expertise and able guidance of Hon’ble ATUR CHATUR from INDIA who is helping the NRI husbands like me reach a compromise with their wives (after wife files a false caw cell complaint or 498a section FIR in India) and he helps the young husbands and wives solve their matrimonial disputes amicably through the service of COMPROMISE WALA

And this Compromise Wala site is helping boys like NRI husbands who have their all career before them and this Compromise Wala, which has been promoted by the sister concern of 498a helpline for NRI husbands vis-à-vis ATUR CHATUR ORGANISATION and so I was highly confident that the matter may get resolved at the grass root level itself

But then I kept studying and researching about ATUR CHATUR ON NET extensively to browse through the deep knowledge possessed by Atur Chatur and it was when I came across the link named SETTLEMENT WALA and this link really guided in a simple to understand manner as to how to get the matrimonial disputes settled vis-à-vis Zero Cost Settlement or by laying a low OTS i.e., One Time Settlement top the disgruntled wife in order to buy some piece or mental piece for the NRI husband.

Similarly, the Divorce of a NRI lands him into trouble when he files a divorce using a lawyer as a divorce must be filed without using any lawyer whether you file for a divorce in USA or India and then I reads DIVORCE WALA and it was this site when I finally decided to use the services of atur chatur in nri 498a first information matter and also in false crpc 125 and false domestic violence complaint filed by the wife. Best Wishes and Highly Recommended to file counter cases of LTR against the wife as per recommendations which suggests tips to close a false FIR or a false CAW Cell Complaint within Police or Counseling/ Mediation itself using Section 89 of Civil Procedure Code effectively. Thanks

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

How to Close a False Attempt to Murder Complaint by Atur Chatur

How to Close a False Attempt to Murder Complaint by Atur Chatur

Perjury is the best fight back tool and if the wife files a false case then that means that the wife has admitted on SWORN AFFIDAVIT i.e., on oath that whatever she has written and signed before a court of law is perjury and believe me that perjury is a punishable crime and if the wife files a false attempt to murder complaint under section 307 of the criminal procedure code then the husband needs to understand some steps vis-à-vis how to close a false attempt to murder complaint under section 307 of ipc because these tips and suggestions may even help a husband in knowing the lines or the limits i.e., how to file legally or technically a counter attack against a wife.

For Instance:- if the wife files a complaint that on 9th August 2017 she was attempted to be murdered by the parents in law and the husband in Bokaro but the husband shows his employment records in a Government Company and also presents his phone records which shows that he was in Mumbai and NOT in Bokaro at the time of that false or alleged incident then this attempt to murder complaint is said to be defective but the prosecution or the state may NOT easily admit this fact especially if they have made a charge sheet based on these false incident by copy pasting the FIR into the final report in column A.

Therefore, in such cases, where the Police or the State i.e., an Investigating Officer or even an Investigating Agency like CBI presents a false finding report i.e., a wrong charge sheet to implicate a husband or anyone in a false attempt to murder complaint then in those cases, Perjury Against Cops for Filing False Affidavit may be filed because whenever a charge sheet is presented then that is filed in court along with an affidavit and affidavit means an OATH and as per law, no one can lie on oath because an oath or an affidavit is an evidence as per the Indian Evidence Act and if there is any falsity in it then the police/ state is liable for NOT just departmental action but also for criminal action and prosecution action against that investigating officer/s in default who lied on sworn affidavit.

Similalrly, if the husband goes to court just to find out that these documents misplaced by court i.e., some relevant evidences have been displaced by the court then in that case the husband or the victim of false cases may immediately contact MAN HELP DELHI 9873540498 so that he may get guidance on how to file a proper counter against the judge.

Like the above there are also provisions or guiding principles for a chargesheet so one must learn the educational inputs given at CHARGESHEET - LIMITATION, TIME BARRED, CHALLENGE, QUASHING so that besides filing counters or cases against a wife the very first and foremost i.e., a tax evasion petition coupled in a RTI may be filed so that the wife may not be able to say that this is just a counter case by husband and the husband may always later on say that he just filed a RTI i.e., a fundamental right, just to find out the veracity of a FIR and nothing else.

Similarly, the evidences may be gathered through an application under CrPC 91 and if some reliable and strong evidences are gathered then a long counter case against wife is NOT required and a simple ONE PAGE CRIMINAL APPLICATION may be enough to put the wife behind bars by filing an “APPLICATION TO ISSUE ARREST WARRANT AGAINST WIFE”


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