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498a India (by Atur Chatur)

498a India (by Atur Chatur)

Dear Indian Husband,

Whether you an Indian Resident Husband or a Non Resident Indian Husband, but still both of you are vulnerable to be attacked by false 498a in India by your Indian wife whether you marry her in India or abroad and even if you are a Foreign Citizenship holder Indian now and even if you were a Foreign Citizenship holder Indian at  the time of your marriage then also you are equally vulnerable to false 498a or prospective false 498a if you ever have chosen to marry an Indian Girl and it would be suggested to you to marry a girl outside India instead of coming to India hunting for culture i.e., Indian Culture or Indian Tradition as sounds synonym to an Indian Bride for the sole reason that the Indian Girls of 2019 are almost equally and may be even more smarter than their foreign counterparts as per the growing false 498a statistics in India

You may search these queries these days like:-
498a india
498a case
498a nri
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498a forum
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These are some of your queries when you research the internet trying to find out the real reasons for filing of false dowry claims by your wife as 498a abuse is most common these days and what is a 498a divorce is asked and you may often apply for 498a bail and may even ask whether section 498a bailable or not and you may also study the 498a bare act to understand the 498a bail procedure regarding how to get a 498a b report in police investigation despite several 498a blog suggest that the 498a burden of proof lies on the complainant but still the 498a bail conditions make it so difficult that the husband may even sometimes get the 498a bail rejected as the 498a bailable offence and searching 498a(b) may deliver no results as 498a case in india gets prepared a 498a charge sheet sample which make you understand the stringent provisions of 498a crpc and the data is so low for 498a conviction in 498a case type that such low 498a conviction rate even after the 498a chargesheet bothers you to read the 498a case details vis-a-vis i p c 498a in hindi regarding i p c 498a or i p c 498a conviction because in hindi this 498a dhara relates to false 498a dowry and to get freed up you need to file for 498a discharge and then based on the falsity you may go for 498a divorce because as per the 498a definition in relation to 498a discharge petition this act in itself may not relate to domestic violence act as the 498a dvc has no relation with 498a dowry act as there is separate law for that and in the stage of 498a evidence as evident from the 498a evidence stage this false 498a effect on govt job may be disastrous and legally this is called as 498a extortion as per the 498a explained by many men rights activists in india and therefore there own 498a experience have been interpreted as 498a explain in hindi vis-a-vis 498a explanation that 498a engagement may turn into 498a fir especially and commonly called as 498a false and hence settlement or mediation may be regarded as 498a fight or compromise which presents before you some of the solid and valid 498a fir quash grounds based on which you may apply for bail.

Hence, dear false dowry claim/ false 125 crpc or false domestic victim husbands and their family members, you need to understand some key terminologies related to abuse of soft women laws by disgruntled women as follows:-

498a family welfare committee
498a fir format
498a foreign citizen
498a faq
498a guidelines
498a ground for divorce
498a government job
498a hindi
498a helpline
498a how to get bail
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498a how to tackle

There are several 498a helpline numbers active in India which may even guide you through with the 498a history related to false 498a harassment claims dues to which you/ men/ boys/ husband/ relatives of husband etc may seek/ look for 498a help and also relation of 498a hindu marriage act as 498a in hindi or 498a ipc in hindi 2019 make the 498a ipc bailable and therefore this 498a ipc section related to false 498a ipc cases and this 498a i.p.c may motivate you to search for i won 498a and / or 498a judgement and also 498a jurisdiction because in some cases false cases are filed without jurisdiction i.e., out of place of residences of husband and wife and may be outside the place of marriage so when explained 498a judgments in hindi or some latest 498a judgment or 498a judgements in hindi of 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 may relate to 498a jurisdiction supreme court and these reports in the form of 498a judgement supreme court pdf may also help you understand the effect vis-a-vis 498a job loss and the importance or irrelevance of this false 498a kanoon even though there is three years of 498a ki saza so these 498a latest judgement related to 498a law in india may make the life of men a lot simpler but not yet perfect hence as per atur chatur the 498a latest judgements 2018 are one of the 498a landmark judgements relating to 498a misuse punishment and when you go for 498a mediation u/s CPC 89 then there may be some must watch 498a movie showing instances where 498a mediation failed and life of the husband made difficult as per 498a maximum punishment and for the cases involving the non resident indian husbands may put conditions on the nri related to look out circular or red corner notice or even a blue corner notice hence the following issues viz.,

498a nri passport
498a nri summons
498a nri anticipatory bail
498a new rules
498a news
498a nri cases
498a nbw
498a new rules 2018 in hindi for nris
498a news in hindi
498a of ipc
498a of the indian penal code
498a of ipc cruelty means forum for nri men helpline
498a order
498a offence

as these NRI are the worst hit from these false cases and they want to know quickly about the 498a+out of court settlement and also 498a on sister in law by the 498a wife of nri husband hence 498a passport impounded and exempt from court related to 498a punishment may have 498a police case on the basis of a simple and non registered 498a private complaint getting impounding of NRI's 498a passport which makes difficulties in 498a quash for such nri husband as per the 498a quash judgements and when searched about 498a quora regarding the 498a quash procedure then the best available 498a quash petition format related to actually filed 498a quash petition especially based on issues such as 498a quash based on jurisdiction then such petitions may lead to mediation u/s 89 cpc in high court or supreme court of india and then lead to 498a quash compromise because 498a quashing after divorce may prompt you to look for the 498a recent news and the 498a rules which are currently applicable to the 498a related cases and especially related to 498a revision as filed by such disgruntled wives after acquittal of the husband in a matter related to 498a r/w 34 as per the 498a supreme court judgement 2018 about 498a section as per rulings/ guidelines in 498a supreme court and such 498a survival guide may not at all help you in knowing the real 498a steps as when a matter of cruelty related to also 498a section 3 and 4 dowry prohibition act then you may wonder what are the actual 498a statistics and the success stories of husbands vis-a-vis 498a stories in s 498a ipc or s.498a of crpc based on solely s.498a jurisdiction in FIR related to u/s 498a/406 ipc and even after reading all this you want to know u/s 498a means then you must be ready for punishment u/s 498a as it is an offence u/s 498a ipc based on your wife's complaint u/s 498a ipc  and you may immediately seek for bail u/s 498a and while searching for or understanding the 498a trial process then you must understand that the 498a the wedding gift has to be based especially on the 498a territorial jurisdiction and filing of the 498a tep format within 7 years of marriage i.e., 498a time limit may make you understand the 498a trial duration related to 498a transfer petition in supreme court so 498a us travel advisory by issued few years back by United States of America saying that the false cases are easier to file in India so it cautioned its citizens to take care of such prospective false cases so they are not hit by these false u/s 498a ipc or u/s 406 498a claims and they do not have to repent like yet another 498a victims and thereafter searching for peace or solace in 498a victims forum because the court pronounces usually its 498a verdict based solely on 498a videos so the CCTV must be installed in your house if you are about to marry an Indian girl so that the 498a validity may be proved and you may not be denied with a 498a visa and even allowed to have 498a video conference without visiting and talking to 498a victims corner related to 498a and 498 b filed by the 498a wife and if after filing false cases, the 498a wife not attending court then you must peep into the 498a wife life and you may find that there life's are not as easy as these were with you so they are at greater loss than you as claimed by many 498a website so during the stage of argument, the husband must remember that 498a written arguments format may not be readily available at 498a wikipedia especially in the instances when such 498a wife wants to come back and therefore 498a withdrawal procedure must make you write by the wife while withdrawing that the case filed by her was false so that you don't have to take rounds of these false 498a whatsapp group or searching for 498a youtube or joining of 498a yahoo group as these false cases can not be legally filed after 7 years of marriage so you may wonder searching for 498a 7 years after marriage and also 498a misuse youtube that if you want divorce from your wife i.s., 498a after 2 years of separation then you may also search for:-

498a after 10 years of marriage
498a after 1 years of separation
498a after 3 years of separation
498a after seven years of marriage
498a after 3 years

and if you look after the NRI Divorce Rates in India then the rate is increasing at an alarming rate and even from out of the jurisdiction a first information report related to 498a zero fir and if that is through a private complaint in court when the police does not allow to register a FIR or a zero fir then the 498a 156(3) may be filed r/w 498a 1860 as the combined false cases packages like 498a and 125 cases are usually filed and these 498a and 125 crpc type false 498a and 120b for criminal conspiracy may help you adduce with crpc 188 498a as the 498a amendment 2017 & 2018 relates to 306 ipc, 307 ipc and 304b r/w 34 ipc alongwith 3 4 dp act in 323 506 ipc or 377 non-consented unnatural sex so the 3 4-dpa 498a-ipc and ipc 498a 3/4 in hindi may make the 406 bail difficult when read with the 498a and 406 acquittal judgments r/w 506 504, 506 ipc and also the 498a after section 9 i.e., restitution of conjugal rights under hindu marriage act 1955

So, if you are fighting a false matrimonial litigation or if you are a NRI then understanding the above facets may help you restore your rights especially the human rights.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on u & family!!!



  1. Men Cell in Delhi is the one stop solution if you are looking for Men's helpline in Delhi or Man Cell in Delhi or a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    When someone gets a false FIR u/s 498a ipc registered by his wife, then, first thing that comes to the mind is helpline for harassed husbands in India or men's rights activists delhi i.e., where a harassed husband may file complaint against the wife in delhi.

    The complaint letter against wife in Delhi may be suggested by men cell in delhi in the form of man cell in south delhi, man cell in rohini or man cell delhi contact number.

    Similarly, if a Non Resident Indian boy married in India or marries a girl from Delhi and she files subsequently a false complaint with women cell in Delhi i.e., at Crime Against Women Cell in Delhi which is also known as CAW Cell Delhi then the NRI husband may start looking for NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI or a NRI HELPLINE IN USA/ UK or simply a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    Since the male harassment cases in India especially in Delhi are on a rise and therefore Delhi may not be just called only as a rape capital but also a false 498a harassment capital and therefore harassed husbands helpline in Delhi may lead you to man cell in delhi or you may check for male harassment in India statistics by way of save indian family of delhi helpline numbers in delhi or simply men's right whatasapp group in Delhi

    At Man Cell Delhi we provide the men with atur chatur counselling in which guidance is provided regarding how to file false cases. Also RTI , dp3, extortion, perjury, malicious prosecution, crpc 91, 21-b etc type fighting tactics are guided to you so that you can fight the false cases on you & your family at your own.

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  2. man helpline delhi (9873540498)

    this helpline provides help Non Resident indians working abroad in fighting false 498a and false divorce and other cases filed by wife while the NRI is abroad and this helpline may help the husband fight or contest and close a false 498a or other false cases from abroad without coming to India and without even using any vakalatnama or an advocate / lawyer/ counsel/ solicitor etc

    atur chatur 498a helpline for men (9873540498)

    the helpline for nri husbands also suggest to fight these cases party in person

  3. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    if you want to know how to close a false fir then you must also know the difference between case closed and a fir closed

    so if a NRI is trapped in false cases then the delhi based men helpline may be contacted to know the real meaning of a false fir and how to close a false fir through fair and unbiased investigation thereby preparation of a b report by the state or police through it's IO i.e., investigating officer

    consultation by atur chatur on phone (9873540498)

  4. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    if you want to know the procedure for quashing then you must know what is the meaning of quashing because under section 482 of the criminal procedure code then quash of a FIR depends upon several factors viz., grounds for quashing, vague allegations, no prima facie case made out, non maintainability of the case and technical error in the state FIR or court complaint etc

    the procedure for quashing may be to first file a LTR to weaken the case and also may file few RTI's in which the High Court or the lower court may ask you itself to file a Quash Petition, and if after LTR a quash is filed then the chances of success may be higher.

    a LTR means a Lego Technical Representation details of which may be found at

    atur chatur india (9873540498)

  5. man cell in delhi (9873540498)

    section 409 of the crpc and also the criminal breach of trust are some of the provisions which need to be studied closely before filing for quash

    but if a LTR is filed before going for a quash then that may be the best stratgey as the falsity comes on record of the courts and this may make the quashing feasible or possible with least pain hence in complaints related to 409 ipc also these may be studied invariably.

    atur chatur's helpline for men rights activists in delhi (9873540498)

  6. men cell in delhi (9873540498)

    compromise is always sought in a false 498a not just by wives but also by the husbands especially if the husband is a NRI for the simple reason that this compromise is based on an agreement to close all false cases but if the wife is cunning then after receiving initial amount she may turn hostile to the agreement of mutual contested divorce and the husband i.e., NRI husband may lose his hard earned money and this part payment given to the wife may be used against the NRI husband itself by his disgruntled wife.

    go for compromise in a false 498a but at your terms and if you are adamant to pay to the wife despite falsity of these cases then go for LTR based compromise and details about LTR may be found at and the reason for this LTR is that the section 89 of civil procedure code guides the mediation and if the MCD or agreement is made as per LTR 89 CPC then this may help husband put on record those things which otherwsie may be difficult to.

    hence, it is always beneficial to file for compromise even if the matter is a false 498a especially if you are a NRI and your life and career suffers and you want to get rid of this parasite to go on with your new life with a new wife or live in

    atur chatur helpline on internet and email for nri's (9873540498)

  7. man helpline in delhi (9873540498)

    quashing means to quash the basic FIR whereas the cancellation of FIR means that state filing a favorable report in favoir of accused and sometimes also as against the complainant and the two modes to achieve this goal is to g for b report or a c report vis-a-vis a final report i.e., FR of Truth

    atur chatur consultation on email (9873540498)

  8. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    supreme court of india has issued guidelines on quashing due to the reason that the state usually holds the FIR and as soon as the husband files for quashing then the state/ police i.e., the investigating officer presents a charge sheet which is technically invalid because where was the IO sleeping so long, hence the SC has issued guidelines that even if the CS has been filed after quash petition u/s 482 crpc is filed by husband or co-accused in a 498a matter, or any other matter then, even then the HC or SC may listen to the FIR quashing so this is not an excuse that a CS hjas been filed and the FIR may NOT be quashed but even better would be an approach wherein the husband files a LTR as per the link before filing for quash u/s 482 crpc

    atur chatur (9873540498)

  9. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    whenevr a man/ boy or husband from delhi starts seqarching/ looking for ways to get your fir quashed especially when a false FIR is lodged by the efforts of a wife or girlfriend then the first and foremost strategy is to contact a man cell in delhi but indian government may be in no mood to start such a helpline for men so the boys especially may start looking for man cell or NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI but the real help is provided only by those themselves experts in quashing of a FIR

    hence to get a FIR quashed a LTR may be filed as a pre-requisite to a 482 petition sample

    how to fight false domestic violence case as per atur chatur (9873540498)

  10. men rights for nri (9873540498)

    if you want to cancel a fir from delhi police online portal then you may be at wrong place so far as the delhi police portal is concerned for the cancellation of the FIR

    but if you want to know the right legal procedure to cancel a FIR then you may be at a right place for the sole reason that a FIR is a public document which is placed in the public domain and therefore if you want to close a false FIR then you may need to file a LTR which may be done with the help or assistance of the delhi police or the opnline portal so check the details or procedure of a LTR at the or the link below.

    498a ipc by atur chatur (9873540498)

  11. man helpline delhi (9873540498)

    if the FIR has sole sections i.e., 376 and also the 34 ipc then there may be a greatert possibility of gang rape allegations against those accused who have been made co-accused of the crime with common objective

    and not necessarily the commo0n objective may be to gang rape but it may also be to abet the victim to suicide and one of those accuysed may have actually committed rape crime but the co-accused must have the common intention

    the false rape allegations especially those along with 34 ipc crime in a 376 FIR needs to be studied very carefully and found out the loopholes and after that a LTR as per may be filed.

    atur chatur 498a helpline for men (9873540498)

  12. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    whenever a FIR has been filed then there is no question left to ask what happens after FIR because the basic purpose of registration is to conduct an investigation and if the investigation is not conducted then the investigation is not fair and thereafter if the husband files for quash and the IO prepares a Charge Sheet in haux pauz or in a haste then the FIR Quashing petition may still be heard and even the FIR may be quashed without having to go into or look into the CS

    the SC is strict on the state but still for the success of a Quash, a LTR may be filed before filing 482 petition in high court

    consultation by atur chatur on phone (9873540498)

  13. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    quashing of fir means quashing of criminal proceedings and the section 482 of criminal proicedure code may be used for such quashing but before going for quashing it may be relevant to file a LTR before hand so that the unethical practices may be duly curbed and the human rights of the accused may be protected and invoked

    in delhi, the men cell delhi needs a push from the government so that such org's come up and get estabished by the government of india like there may be women cells in almost all localities of delhi

    atur chatur india (9873540498)

  14. man cell in delhi (9873540498)

    best way to clear false allegations and to close a FIR may be to file a LTR given at

    this LTR may help in closing a false 498a FIR and even the young boys trapped in false 376 related FIR by their livein partners or girfriends needs to be closed via b report or even by a c report and this may be done only by a LTR

    so boys and men need to understand the need for breaking sanctity of a women or at least break the sanctity of that women who has filed a false case on you and this breaking of sanctity needs to be legal or technical i.e., through a LTR only as per the best of our knowledge

    atur chatur's helpline for men rights activists in delhi (9873540498)

  15. men cell in delhi (9873540498)

    there is no tme limit to file a FIR but if there is a LIAR then 24 hours is the time as per rule i.e., a crime must be reported immediately or within a maximum period of 24 hours

    else the reason for delay of reporting a crime in delhi needs to be explained and a IO may not be a mute spectator and he is duty bound to do fair investigation of a FIR in Delhi so that the accused if innocent does not have to go into the hardships of mental trauma due to false 498a or other false FIR filed by disgruntled wife or some other disgruntled women

    atur chatur helpline on internet and email for nri's (9873540498)

  16. man helpline in delhi (9873540498)

    yes the police may very well be able to close a FIR but there needs to be followed a set procedure

    either the IO needs to be non-corrupt but if he is not corrupt then why did he registered the FIR at first instance if he was involved in that FIR registration process

    but if there is a 7 days time limit for enquiry as per Lalita Kumari Judgment which was amending later on to 15 days time by SC then also the State/ Police needs to follow not just the time limit of FIR but also the enquiry procedure prescribed under the law

    atur chatur consultation on email (9873540498)

  17. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    procedure for investigation after FIR may also include testification of the veracity of the complainant because if the complainant is of shady character then the FIR may be false and the IO therefore has the legal duty to weed out false FIR during his investigation

    the set procedure needs to be followed for investigation and this investigation may be unbiased and fair otherwise the husband may be required to file a LTR

    atur chatur (9873540498)

  18. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    when you wish to leqarn how to fight a false domestic violence complaint, then simultaneously you may also wish to learn the entire procedure i.s., what happens once a FIR has been registered

    similarly, in case of a FIR u/s 498a filed by a wife the police may be asked to close a false FIR in Delhi by contacting the men rights activists in Delhi

    men cell delhi or man cells in delhi may be contacted for filing a LTR against a wife if the case is outrightedly false and the husband has 'n number of evidences

    so, go ahead and file a LTR as per

    how to fight false domestic violence case as per atur chatur (9873540498)

  19. men rights for nri (9873540498)

    legal procedure to cancel a registered FIR may be read at the below link i.e., 498a ipc by atur chatur

    but so far as the legal proceudre after FIR is concerned this procedure is very very simple i.s., to visit the place of crime and to do investigation because if the investigation is done following the right legal procedure then the cancellation of fir may be known

    and the right legal procedure for the cancellation of fir means to ask legally or technically the police to do fair and unbiased investgation and to do investigation as per the documentary evidences of the husband and thereby to prepare a B Report removing names of all the accused

    498a ipc by atur chatur (9873540498)

  20. man helpline delhi (9873540498)

    if a NRI from Delhi is settled in USA and he wants to understand the deportation procedure then he may sit confident because the deportation of extradition of a husband or a NRI husband from USA to India even by intervention of immigration/ i.e., Indian Immigration in US is not that easy

    because this is not a case of financial fraud like mallaya modi etc and a mere matrimonial dispute does not attract deportation or extradition so easily if a LTR may be filed as per

    so, go ahead and file a LTR

    atur chatur 498a helpline for men (9873540498)

  21. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    in order to remove a red corner notice against a NRI by visiting men cell in delhi, it may be even better if the consultation by atur chatur on phone may be taken

    because during 498a consultation by atur chatur on phone consultation, the NRI may be able to clear a lot of doubts and thereby 498a consultation or at least a false domestic violence consultation with atur chatur by a NRI husband may be the right procedure or the right approach at this point of time

    consultation by atur chatur on phone (9873540498)

  22. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    by contacting any valid men cell in delhi or a legally authorized man cell in delhi, one may come to know that a 498a is applicable to foreigner also, if that marriage happened in India

    even through Priyanka Choprta and Nick Jonas marriage got happened in USA but still, this marriage was again taken place in India so evenb those marriages with a foreigner like Nick Jonas come under the purview of Indian Marriage and 498a is applicable with full force if such marriage with a Foreigner by an Indian Girl comes at a stand still

    So, why not file a LTR, in case a foreigner marries an Indian Girl in India because that marriage is then said to be Accure or Arisen out of Indian Soil.

    Similarly, a foreigner for his protection may never get his marriage registered in India so that the jurisdiction is never in hands of Indian Judicial System and in that way he may get out of the clutches of the biased laws or procedures in India

    atur chatur india (9873540498)

  23. man cell in delhi (9873540498)

    in delhi, when a NRI husband may look for a helpline for boys in Delhi or a NRI based helpline like men cell or man cell in delhi then he may come across some advocates/ lawyers

    but as per atur chatur, if the 498a FIR is false i.e., based on false and concocted events and the NRI husband has 'n' number of evidences rebutting those false, wild and bald allegations then the advocate may not be looked or searched for in a false 498a FIR

    atur chatur's helpline for men rights activists in delhi (9873540498)

  24. men cell in delhi (9873540498)

    how to hire best advocate for divorce of a NRI spouse or NRI couple is a madly searched query so the answer by atur chatur is to either do not get married but if you being a NRI has gotten married to a wrong lady then you may never try to hore an advocate or a lawyer especially if such non resident indian husband from USA/ UK etc has rebuttals or documents prving falsity of the FIR

    whenever your docs are not able to divert the investigation then in order to influence the investigation, you may never contact a lawyer or advocate and there is also no concept of hiring or firing of an advocate or lawyer

    it is called engaging a lawyer and signing a vakalatnama but as per the best knoweldge of atur chatur, the advocate need not/ never be engaged or hired in a false FIR if your evidences/ proofs are sufficient to suffice the falsity of the FIR and the complainant

    atur chatur helpline on internet and email for nri's (9873540498)

  25. man helpline in delhi (9873540498)

    if you want to know how to get bail under false 498a FIR
    or how to get the FIR quashed

    then go no further and read
    because this site explains the importance of quashing for a NRI and the propper procedure and pre-requisites before filing a quash u/s 482 crpc

    the LTR may be filed as a pre-requisite to a Quash so that the NRI husband does not have to go into the ordeal despite having tonnes of proofs against FIR

    atur chatur consultation on email (9873540498)

  26. man cell delhi (9873540498)

    if the parents of a NRI husband have been arrested then the right legal procedure may be to file for bail in the court

    rather and pre-requisite before a Bail u/s 438 or 439 of crpc, a LTR may be helpful for some NRI parents who may have been arrested under wrong surmises

    therefore the mandatory period of stay in jail i.e., around two months for a NRI husband's parents in a false 376, 313, 377 or false attempt to murder i.e., 307 ipc complaint or FIR u/s 307 Indian Penal Code, the husband needs to search for party in person tactics rather than contacting divorce lawyers so as per atur chatur, BEWARE OF DIVORCE LAWYERS may be an attempt to guide men victims of false cases especially those NRI husbands in USA/ UK who search for Men Cell in Delhi or a NRI MAN CELL IN DELHI

    Therefore the man cell delhi needs urgent attention so that the government of India plans to starting a similar helpline or men rights activists for men or boys from delhi

    atur chatur (9873540498)

  27. men cell delhi (9873540498)

    if a NRI arrested under false FIR having false domestic violence or dowry charges then the NRI needs to file LTR by showing his evidences and rebuttals to atur chatur so that only those or all those relevant proofs may be used or not used in a manner best conducive to uplift the case of the NRI before the bail authorities

    once the bail is obtained the next procedure for a NRI is to go for regularisation of bail from the court

    passport revoked or passport seizure if happened with the NBon Resident Indian husband then that needs to be taken back legally or technically and a LTR may be filed by the NRI husband

    how to fight false domestic violence case as per atur chatur (9873540498)

  28. men rights for nri (9873540498)

    men rights for nri may help the non resident indian husband in knowing how to file marriage visa for spouse and this application contains specific details about the girl to be married and taken to the USA/UK by the NRI husband

    498a ipc by atur chatur at the link below may also help non resident husband knowing his rights and procedure for cancellation of a FIR under section 498a of Indian Penal Code

    498a ipc by atur chatur (9873540498)

  29. atur chatur helpline for men in false 498a (9873540498) for NRI (Non Resident Indian) may help a NRI in knowing how to reduce alimony because the alimony or maintenance may be cut by invoking human rights and attacking legal extortion at the right point

    a LTR may be the right approach if the husband wishes to expose falsity of wife thereby reducing alimony or may be arriving at Zero Alimony for the wife based on LTR as per

    In Delhi also such NRI from all over India may be able to get help from Atur Chatur by his able consultation

    so, go ahead and file LTR



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